WPS Prime - a WordPress theme framework created to aid custom WP website development and promote junk free front end architecture using top notch features.

Demo using only the default child theme (basic, without cosmetic CSS style)

Default Child Theme

Demo using a child theme with light cosmetic CSS layer and minor layout enhacements

Customized Child Theme

Learn more about internal functionality. Detailed developer documentation on Github Wiki

Developer Wiki

Modular Reusable Theme Components in all your projects

choose what you want to use and what to leave out.

Modern OOCSS architecture that ensures a streamlined and maintainable front end

you can STOP spending your precious time overwriting parent theme CSS and start spending time writing new junk free code with a massive head start.

Stimulates performance minded construction

ensures you create just enough code you actually use, no junk. The final product is easy to optimize and performance is top end.

WPS-Prime WordPress framework doesn’t try to solve all the development challenges alone. We have chosen to combine one of the best solutions for front end back-end functionality that will ensure you have a really lightweight, dynamic and powerful framework that doesn’t keep you in it’s own little world.

Modern Flexbox Based CSS Grid

Organized SCSS sistem

User Friendly

WPS-Prime comes with a number of built in shortcodes that will help you to arrange your awesome content in almost any way you can imagine. WPS-Prime focus (a lot) on resource usage and performance and we weight the importance of every build-in option to ensure an optimal functionality/performance ratio. We want to make sure you have just the right amount of tools you actually need and that you get a clean start on child theme development.