WPS Prime theme framework is built on underscore _s  and extended with a series of strategically placed wp_hooks and wp_filters, basic site-options , editor helpers, helper shortcodes  and custom Visual Composer integration with WPS Prime served components.  This allows building websites using theme components that can live encapsulated in their own functions and later hooked in the right place on the master theme. The styling is done using SASS and by default it has only basic components architecture without the cosmetic layer. This contruction allows a better organization and reuse of theme components (js/php/SASS) across multiple projects.

WPS Prime tries to focus on performance minded theme development and from this reason it has only a few essential building blocks (shortcodes | VC components) that will help you build grids, headings, buttons, tabs and other elements. Components that are really project specific will have to be coded by you, this way you can be sure you only use what you really need and at the end of the project you will have the smallest code-bloat possible.

Because it is extremely important the end clients must easily edit their website WPS Prime has a good (and totally customized integration) with Visual Composer, so you can have mainstream functionalities in your project and total control over Visual Composer output.

WPS Prime’s focus on performance, this is the reason it has a layer of “fine tune” on Visual Composer, the front end output is totally changed to have a more consistent html architecture, the default VC components are all disabled and VC uses WPS Prime served components to build the content.

This way we can stop the huge amount of inline styles and inline js that Visual Composer serves and we can have a css class based built that is totally under our control.

The WPS Prime follows the idea of combining multiple predefined css classes to obtain new components making sure after you build your project you can control the aspect of the site from your style sheet rather than hunting down custom inline styles. Also having a css class based build helps keeping visual consistency  much better because users cannot add random pixel numbers for spacings or inconsistent css coloring and whatnot….

To start building you can go to the download page and grab a copy of the master theme and the starter child theme where you can start building your WordPress WPS Child Theme.

Recomended WP Plugins:

Visual Composer | Templatera | Autoptimize | Contact Form 7

Recomended Development tools:

Prepros | Desktop Server